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The Dent Devils Training: Where new PDR masters are created!

Paintless Ding Removal (PDR) Training

Would you like to start your own Paintless Ding Removal business?

Come and learn from one of the best professionals in the country, Eddie Martin, owner and master PDR technician with more than 33 years of experience in the autobody repair industry.

Classes are individual and focus on step-by-step processes. You can learn how to work in a wide variety of scenarios, from small dents on top and side panels to more complex repairs like hail damage, crease dents, body lines, and dents on the edges of panels (see examples). Classes also focus on how to select the proper tools, access dents without drilling, brace configurations, and detailed secrets of inner panels.

We also offer additional advanced training, where we cover more complex damage in all areas of the vehicle, both foreign and domestic.

Please keep in mind that learning the art of Paintless Dent Repair is an ongoing process. The longer your training is the more details we can get into, and therefore the shorter it will be before you are ready to go out on your own.

Training Outline:

Introduction to PDR and explanation of different styles of dents
Orientation and demonstration of PDR processes
Explanation of damage theory and description of metal characteristics
How to properly read different lights and the proper use of the fog boards
Proper tool selection for a variety of damages
Tool location exercises on practice panels
High point recognition and removal techniques
Removal of small lows
Initial removal of small and medium size dents on practice panels
Perfecting small and medium size damage
Initial removal of deeper and larger sized dents
Perfecting deeper and larger size damage
Techniques for removing creased dents, body line damage, pressure dents and hail
Review all access points for all panels of the vehicle to insure a "drill-free" technique
Access lessons continued for hail with emphasis on headliners and interior trim
Finishing techniques including the removal of micro lows
Double metal and ways to access damage in these areas
Proper color sanding and polishing
PDR practice exercises
Advanced use of fog boards & lights in direct sunlight
Cross checking techniques
Tool customization basics
Recommendations on Paintless Dent Repair tools from companies around the U.S.A.
Urethane bumper reshaping
How to properly repair stretched dents and dings
Aluminum repairs
Glue pulling for non accessible area's and larger damages
How to deal with retail customers & body shops
Estimating dents, dings, creases & hail repairs

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Regular packages:

Package #1
Cost: $3,000.00
• 5 days / 35 hour training

Package #2
Cost: $5,500.00
• 10 days / 70 hour training

Package #3
Cost: $7,500.00
• 15 days / 105 hour training

Package #4
Cost: $5,750.00
• Split package
• 2x 5 days / 35 hours training parts
• Maximum gap between parts: 6 months

Package #5
Cost: $9,500.00
• 20 days / 140 hour training

Package # 6
Cost: $750
• 1 day / 7 hour training


* Prices & Packages are subject to change without notice *
* Training involves a combination of hands on, live Demonstrations & independent practice*
*If you want Paintless Dent Repair Training but do not have the time right now you can always prepay to get these prices*